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Our team of highly trained physical therapists is dedicated to educating our patients, relieving them of their symptoms, and returning them to normal function. We utilize a wide variety of techniques that include specific therapeutic exercises in combination with a comprehensive “hands-on approach” to ensure that the patient gets the best treatment available.

Nicole, PT, MSPT
Columbia University
Masters of Physical Therapy with Honors 1994
University of Pennsylvania
Bachelors of Science 1991

Nicole derives satisfaction from educating people about their injuries and teaching them specific postures and exercises that will eliminate their pain and help prevent further injuries. Nicole utilizes extensive manual techniques in conjunction with this educational process to return a person to a pain-free and productive life. By conveying this knowledge to her patient and colleagues, Nicole helps to make MSI an environment where people can learn and prosper.

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John’s passion for sports fueled his desire to pursue a career in physical therapy. He was fascinated by athletes who had experienced extensive injuries and were brought back to a peak performing state through physical rehabilitation and therapy. John is focused on and dedicated to helping his patients at MSI so that they, too, can achieve their rehabilitation goals--whatever they may be. Enthusiastic and personable, John also enjoys getting to know each of his patients so that he can provide them with the customized and quality care they need. He is vey happy to be a part of the MSI team and loves that everyone shares a common desire to learn and grow in their profession. John believes this type of environment fosters innovation, encourages healing and will help MSI to continually offer the best in patient care.

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Christine, PT, DPT

Christine combines her positive attitude and compassion with a strong orthopedic background to achieve the best results possible with her patients. She loves helping patients return to work and all the activities that they enjoy without pain. Christine utilizes patient education along with manual techniques and individualized exercise programs to help patients reach optimal mental and physical well-being. Christine joined the staff of MSI because of their team approach to patient care, and continual encouragement to learn and grow as a physical therapist and as a person.

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John B, PT, DPT

John’s passion for Physical Therapy started through his own personal injuries and rehabilitation processes. He then furthered his interest through a variety of volunteer opportunities and community wellness programs to help people understand the importance of exercise and taking care of their bodies. John’s passion for outdoor activities and sports drives him to help others return to their active lifestyles. He enjoys helping patients achieve their personal goals through customized programs, creating the best quality of care. John is very excited and happy to join the MSI team which shares his passion of providing the best quality of patient care.

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Meg Wessel, PT, DPT

Drawn to the medical field from a young age, Meg eventually found Physical Therapy to be a natural fit for her. It combined her love of human science, fitness, and helping people. Seeing her patients succeed and achieve their goals is so rewarding that it makes work fun. As a recent graduate, Meg enjoys working with all ages and diagnoses. She is looking forward to getting certified in specialties, such as yoga and pilates which will further enrich her practice. That is why MSI, who strongly supports continuing education, was the perfect choice for her.

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