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Remarkable Recoveries: Art Helmbrecht

I have been a patient at MSI for five years, both for prescription therapy and in a voluntary “maintenance program.” Over the span of time, I have been treated on a prescription basis for four differing injuries, including a bulging disc in my cervical spine, severe plantar fascitis stemming from a traumatic injury to my heel, and lastly a torn rotator cuff with subcutaneous bleeding and severe pain.

To say the least, my results or outcomes have been better than I could have hoped for. My chronic, persistent lumbar pain has been eliminated without surgery, enabling me to continue to engage in strenuous activities and exercise. The acute pain and lack of mobility from my three more recent injuries have been, in a word, eliminated. More importantly, they have not returned since completion of my prescription therapy. As a consequence, I have continued my therapeutic exercises at MSI for over two years on a voluntary, “outpatient” basis two days a week, working it into my normal weekly schedule.

I have had the results I’ve experienced and decided to continue my clinic routine for the simplest of reasons: it works. For me, it has worked spectacularly well. The reasons for this appear to be quite straightforward. For most types of injuries, spinal or other, physicians associated with MSI, or those in independent practices, prescribe a regimen of physical therapy that is precisely tailored to each patient and their individual injury. Therapy consists of exercises, weight machines, and hands-on manipulation by therapists, targeted to each individual condition. Moreover, the therapy staff consists of certified physical therapists of the highest professional level.

With my own assortment of painful injuries, the results have been beyond gratifying.

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