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Remarkable Recoveries: Carmela Cecere

Having physical therapy is not my idea of fun and games! However, having PT at MSI is as about as satisfying and pleasant as it can get. The staff is knowledgeable about every aspect of the human body’s functions including muscles, bones, nerves, etc. Having been a patient at MSI on three different occasions (severe arthritis of the left shoulder, a fractured left wrist, and severe arthritis of the right shoulder), I have found that therapeutic exercises are tailored to each individual’s needs, starting with easy movements and progressing to more challenging exercises.

One can be assured that he or she will be treated with the greatest concern which includes consideration of the particular lifestyle of each. The highly qualified therapists are supplemented with assistants who are always ready and available to help when needed. The atmosphere is friendly to the point where patients become concerned for each other and kindred relationships are formed. At my age (I’m not telling!), it is understood that each day brings on new aches and pains. While I would like to avoid it, I am comforted in knowing that MSI is there for me because they have helped me enormously each time I availed myself of their services.

Thank you MSI and all who are affiliated.

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