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Remarkable Recoveries: Jane Walbridge

My name is Jane Walbridge, and I first became a patient at MSI in 2001. I had such severe back pain that I hobbled into the office. The wonderful physical therapists helped me so much! At first I was afraid to do any exercises because I was afraid of the pain. They encouraged me and guided me and took care of me, and with their help my pain diminished and my back became stronger and more flexible.

When the insurance company would no longer pay for my therapy, I became a maintenance patient. I continued my exercises, but did my own stretching. After two years of going to MSI, my doctor was going to bring my MRI films to a conference to show how exercise and therapy can help some people avoid surgery and I feel like I have everyone at MSI to thank for that.

I have continued to be a maintenance patient for seven years now. I always feel welcome and cared for. When I have a pain or a flare up, there is always a caring therapist there to help me adjust my exercise program. MSI is a truly wonderful and caring place.

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