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Getting Started

The primary goal of MSI Physical Therapy is to provide high quality, comprehensive physical therapy in a caring and friendly environment. Our highly trained physical therapists provide patients with a “hands-on” experience that is unique to the industry. Each patient receives an individualized program that is tailored specifically to their needs.

The First Visit
During their first visit, a patient can expect an explanation of their benefits, an initial evaluation, initial manual treatment, and a beginning home exercise program. At MSI Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves on conducting a comprehensive initial evaluation for every client. The examination covers all possible problem areas, allowing the therapist to develop a more complete plan of care. Each patient receives a one hour exam with sufficient time dedicated to listening to the patient and working toward a more complete examination. The therapist will make sure that the patient has a good understanding of their condition and what positions or exercises can exacerbate or help to alleviate their symptoms. Once the initial evaluation is completed, an initial home exercise program is developed that addresses specific deficits of that patient.

The Second Visit
During the second visit to MSI Physical Therapy, a patient can expect a review of their home exercise program and modifications to this program, if necessary. The initial manual treatment will be reviewed and assessed, and further manual treatment will be provided. During this session, a therapeutic exercise program will be initiated that is individually tailored for each patient and addresses the deficits that were noted during the initial evaluation.

Subsequent Visits
During the sessions that follow, a patient can expect a progression of their therapeutic exercise program. They will also begin functional activities and exercises in an attempt to return them to their previous level of function. There will be continued assessment of the manual techniques performed by the therapist and refinement of these manual techniques depending on the patient’s response to the treatment. Additional home exercises will be given as a patient’s therapy progresses.

Discharge From MSI Physical Therapy
Upon discharge from MSI Physical Therapy, a patient will receive a complete exercise program that will enable the patient to maintain the gains that they have made in therapy. The patient also has the option of enrolling in MSI’s Post Therapy Maintenance Program which allows select patients to continue their exercise regime at MSI in an environment that is familiar to them and is under the supervision of a physical therapist.

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