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Physical Therapy Programs

MSI Physical Therapy offers expanded programs that set them apart from standard physical therapy practices. These exciting programs have been developed to enhance and improve the everyday life of their clients. These programs enable MSI to go above and beyond the normal realm of physical therapy and provide their clients with the tools necessary to discover and maintain a healthy, balanced and fit lifestyle.

The Osteoporosis Program at MSI Physical Therapy is run by highly trained physical therapists who have developed a program that will emphasize muscle tone, posture and balance in order to prevent or delay the reduction of bone mass that accompanies osteoporosis.

The Golf Program at MSI is run by physical therapists trained in the static and dynamic biomechanics of the golf swing. The therapists will assess a client’s swing, range of motion and strength in order to make recommendations that will prevent injuries and improve a client’s golf game.

The Pilates Program at MSI will help you to discover your core! A licensed physical therapist and certified Pilates instructor will conduct a comprehensive evaluation which will identify deficits in posture, flexibility, and core musculature. The client will be instructed on a core stabilization program based on their individual level that will address these deficits. Semi-private and private classes are available.

For Physical Therapy Programs, please contact MSI Physical Therapy at our Chatham or Kenilworth locations.

Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Programs, New Jersey
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