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Injury Prevention Training

The incidence of sports-related injuries and work-related injuries is on the rise. Intervention strategies are imperative to successfully address dysfunction and impairments that can lead to debilitating injuries. Once these impairments and dysfunctions are identified, an effective training program must be implemented to ensure that an athlete or worker is performing at an optimal, yet safe level.

How to Prevent Sports and Work Related Injuries with Exercise

The highly trained physical therapists at MSI Physical Therapy are able to help prevent these sports-related and work-related injuries. They will assess and identify those athletes and workers who have an increased risk of injury. They are able to perform pre-season and pre-employment screenings to assess flexibility, technique, neuromuscular control, strength, coordination, and body mechanics. They will then implement intervention strategies that will address any deficits. This will ensure that an athlete or worker is able to perform at his or her optimal level of function without the risk of associated injuries.

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Injury Prevention Training, New Jersey
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