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Post Therapy Maintenance Program

MSI’s dedication to a patient’s health and well-being does not end once their physical therapy ends. MSI has a post therapy maintenance program for those patients who wish to continue an exercise and strengthening program once their physical therapy is complete. This program enables these patients to continue their exercise regime in an environment which is familiar to them and under the supervision of a physical therapist.

The physical therapist is available to answer questions and to help them safely progress their exercise and strengthening routine. This provides a safe transition from a patient’s physical therapy to an individualized exercise program which is tailored specifically to their needs.

Most gyms are not equipped with the proper machines and apparatuses necessary for the maintenance of a patient’s specific therapeutic needs. These gyms also do not have personnel that are as highly trained as the physical therapists at MSI. They are not as aware of most medical conditions or the treatments necessary for these conditions as our physical therapists are. This post therapy maintenance program is another example of MSI’s long-term commitment to their patients.

For Post Therapy Maintenance Program, please contact MSI Physical Therapy at our Chatham or Kenilworth locations.

Post Therapy Maintenance Services, New Jersey
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