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Injury Prevention

The incidence of sports-related injuries and work-related injuries is on the rise. Intervention strategies are imperative to successfully address dysfunction and impairments that can lead to debilitating injuries. Once these impairments and dysfunctions are identified, an effective training program must be implemented to ensure that an athlete or worker is performing at an optimal, yet safe level.

Athletes place great demands on their bodies and this often results in an increase of acute and chronic injuries. Athletes are at a higher risk of injury when they have not adopted proper training habits and training techniques that are specific to their sport. For example, females involved in sports that include landing, jumping, pivoting or deceleration are 6-9 times more likely to sustain a debilitating ACL injury. Research has shown that an ACL prevention program can reduce this risk of injury up to 90%.

Athletes that are involved in sports such as baseball, softball, tennis, and swimming are also at risk for injury because of the demands that are placed on their shoulder joint. These sports require highly skilled overhead movements that require extreme flexibility, muscular strength, coordination, synchronicity and neuromuscular control. If any of these requirements are lacking, this could result in a devastating injury for the athlete.

Work-place injuries are also on the rise. The demands that workers place on their bodies often lead to acute or cumulative trauma that can put them out of work indefinitely. This can lead to long standing medical problems for the employees and decreased productivity for the employers. Therefore, the goal of an injury prevention program is to maintain the health and productivity of workers at an optimally safe level. This can be accomplished by having a physical therapist perform a work-place analysis that will enable him to design, implement and monitor solutions to these work-related risks. A physical therapist can also educate workers on ways in which they can prevent specific injuries and decrease cumulative trauma to their bodies during specific work-related tasks. These solutions need to be customized for each specific occupation. These solutions will also promote efficient movement and function that will lead to a decreased incidence of injuries and better productivity.

The highly trained physical therapists at MSI Physical Therapy are able to help prevent these sports-related and work-related injuries. They will assess and identify those athletes and workers who have an increased risk of injury. They are able to perform pre-season and pre-employment screenings to assess flexibility, technique, neuromuscular control, strength, coordination, and body mechanics. They will then implement intervention strategies that will address any deficits. This will ensure that an athlete or worker is able to perform at his or her optimal level of function without the risk of associated injuries.

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