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Weight Training Workouts

Weight training is not just for body builders.  Weight training includes all kinds of resistive exercises and is often ignored as an important part of an exercise routine.  It is well known that aerobic exercises such as walking or running are important for overall health and fitness, but it is equally important to recognize that resistance training also offers health benefits to all people young and old.

Weight Training Exercises Programs

Resistance training improves muscular strength, size, and endurance.  Resistance training, however, offers many more benefits.  A carefully designed resistance training program allows people to have a higher quality of life, be more physically active, and increases self confidence and body image.  Perhaps most importantly, resistance training prevents or manages certain diseases including osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis.

Physical therapists are key health care professionals trained to design resistance exercise programs to enhance these benefits in patients in the rehabilitation setting.  Resistance training plays an important part in the rehabilitation process here at MSI.  At MSI, the therapists take each patient’s history and individualized symptoms into account when designing a resistance program suited for their specific needs and abilities.  Free weights, weight machines, elastic tubes and bands are all part of the equipment used by the physical therapists to help get patients back to their life pain-free.

Many people underestimate the importance of resistance training and have never had the opportunity to try it.  Other people may be intimidated by it.  The physical therapists at MSI understand these limitations, but they also know the overwhelming benefits of resistance training.  The therapists take their time to go through all of the exercises and equipment with each patient to ensure patient’s comfort and correct execution of the exercises.  Aides are always available to set up equipment and direct patient to the next machine.  Therapists are constantly evolving routines to match the progress patients make with therapy and are always happy to answer any questions.  It is the hope of each therapist that patients will take this new knowledge of resistance exercise with them when they continue therapy, and continue doing it in their daily routine so they can continue to have the strength and endurance to maintain their daily activities without pain.

For more information about Weight Training Programs, please contact MSI Physical Therapy at our Chatham or Kenilworth locations.

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